API Documentation

Image Animation Workflow API


POST https://fashizel--mixloop-api-model-run-workflow-files-with-api-key.modal.run

This endpoint allows you to initiate an image animation workflow. Ensure you have the necessary permissions before making a request.

Request Format

The request should be sent as a JSON object with the following structure:

{ "image1": "https://www.hosting.com/image1.png", "image2": "https://www.hosting.com/image2.png", "image3": "https://www.hosting.com/image3.png", "image4": "https://www.hosting.com/image4.png", "anim_type": "circle", "is_portrait": true, "api_key": "get_your_api_key_from_account_settings", "animation_id": "some-unique-id", "webhook": "https://www.yourapp.com/webhook" }


Example Responses

Successful Response

{ "signed_url": { "final": "https://url_to_animation.com/anim.mp4" }, "animation_id": "some_animation_id", "error": "" }

Error Response

{ "signed_url": {}, "user_id": "your_user_id", "animation_id": "some_animation_id", "error": "{'statusCode': 400, 'error': 'Duplicate', 'message': 'The resource already exists'}" }

Important Note

Ensure that you handle both successful and error responses in your application. The API may return different error types depending on the issue encountered.